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Chronicles of Intek Technology

  • November 5, 1992- Intek Technology was founded by Kirk Yang and Bruce Chung with only 600,000 NT dollars (US$ 20,000) and it was located in a small office near Hsinchu Science Park. In the early stages, the company focused on producing motion card. The product was known for its excellence and stability and had a good market reputation.
  • August, 1993- Intek Technology moved to "My Home Community" in Chupei and started researching CNC controller. The company successfully developed the first generation of IPC BASE CNC Controller: M3 and M4. M3 is still operating to date for clients.
  • 1998- The second generation of IPC BASE CNC Controller M40 and M40F were released in line with market expectation. The controller system adopts RTOS and is equipped with NET function and HSHP. Intek Technology has earned a reputation as an industry leader in automation field at the time.
  • 1998- Intek Technology established a long-term cooperation relationship with Ta Liang Technology by supplying various kinds of CNC controllers and providing technical supports.
  • 1999- Intek Technology relocated to a 300-square-meter triplex on Zhongzheng East Road. The company undertook the development of the third generation of IPC BASE CNC Controller.
  • November, 2002- Intek Technology moved to a new building which occupies a floor area of 900 square meters.
  • 2003- Intek Technology introduced the third generation of IPC BASE Module CNC Controller: M450, M650, T200, T400, and T1000. The company released the forth generation of open CNC controller M450S and M650S adjacently. Because each type of controller has been completely developed in succession, the business of Intek Technology not only grows substantially, but the number of firms cooperating with intek is also increasing.
  • 2005- The fourth generation of IPC BASE Module Open CNC Controller was completed. Intek Technology began supplying CNC controllers with open CNC facility.
  • April, 2011- Intek Technology purchased a parcel of land with an area of 1,933 square meters and started planning for building a new office.
  • September 20, 2011- Intek Technology announced the release of the fifth generation of Embedded System CNC Controller. The products are divided into two types: standard CNC and open CNC. The standard CNC type includes ME3, M470, M670, TE2 and the open CNC type has ME4S, M470S, M670S.
  • April 23, 2012 - Intek Technology held a groundbreaking ceremony for new factory.
  • November 7, 2012 - Chung Hsiwh Industrial Co., Ltd. worked with Intek Technology and exhibited a mini 5-axis milling machine at the Taiwan International Machine Tool Show. The mini 5-axis milling machine was integrated with the newest 5-axis RTCP/TWP CNC controller of Intek Technology - INCON-M675. INCON-M675 has led Intek Technology into a new era of high level CNC controller technology area.
  • March 5 - March 10, 2013 - Intek Technology and its long-term cooperators participated 2013 TIMTOS for exhibiting their products. During the exhibition, the 5-axis milling machines and milling centers, integrated with INCON-M675 RTCP/TWP 5-axis CNC controller, are in the spotlight of the exhibition.
    Intek Technology and its cooperators also presented their value-added, customized accomplishment by exhibiting the open CNC controller system.
    Cheng Chang Machine Electronic Corporation integrated linear motor and D.D motor with INCON-M675, and apply it to the 5-axis machining center, which makes its product the representative work in the exhibition.
    The combination of INCON-M470 0.1μm control function and the Hydrostatic Pressure System of Spinder Technology Co., Ltd allows the precision to reach ± 0.1μm, providing a new solution for ultra-precision machining.
  • November 7, 2013 - INCON-ME4H single task open CNC controller is released. INCON-ME4H is an economic open-architecture CNC controller which can be integrated with HMI and construct HMI-CNC system. INCON-ME4H retrieves the advantages of simple customization from HMI and connects to HMI via ModBus communication protocol. The concepts of programmed path planning, programmed logic control with subroutine function, and I/O routing pool make the development and application of single task machines such as grinding machine, multi-purpose plunge grinding machine, single purpose laser machine, single purpose engraving machine, and single purpose milling machine much more easier.
  • 2014 - Intek Technology relocated to a 3000-square-meter building on Xingong 3rd Road. It provides employees with comfortable working environment and makes a commitment of sustainable management to the employees, customers, and society. Intek Technology will keep developing high-end control technics and creating higher values in CNC field continuously. Intek Technology will also focus on training skilled engineers, increasing the soft and hard power, and constructing R&D and system integration application service team to provide customers with high-value services and products.


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