TE2H Single Task Open CNC Controller for lathe

  • TE2HTE2H is a 2-axis single task open CNC controller for lathe which has two simultaneous axes and one set of spindle speed control.
  • The program execution and path planning of TE2H adopt standard G, M, S, T codes, replacing traditional PLC motion Ladder which is inconvenient and difficult to use. It provides complete compensation mechanism and precise motion control function, which compensates the weakness of traditional PLC motion.
  • TE2H improves the flaws of conventional HMI-PLC, and retrieves the advantages of simple customization from HMI and greatly enhances threading motion control and precise path programming ability.
  • TE2H is built with RS485 interface, and it communicates with HMI via ModBus communication protocol. Users can purchase HMI from different vendors and plan friendly, reasonable, and easily customized operational user interface depending on single task machine needs by themselves.
  • TE2H also provides M code decoder and M code operator, which allows logic control to be programmed. Users do not have to use Ladder or C++ language to plan and debug online.
  • Programmed logic control along with logic control subroutine function, I/O operation M code, functional package, it is very easy and fast to learn, and even a beginner can get into the swing of it easily.
  • Complete customized interface of single task machine takes advantage of the easy planning of HMI.
  • With standardized and programmed path planning, TE2H improves the inconvenience of path planning, insufficiency of threading and cutting precision, lack of compensation mechanism and difficulty of maintenance caused by PLC motion. Motion adopts CNC program such that it is easy to plan, debug, and verify.
  • I/O points of PLC are 24 I/P and 16 O/P, and the points can be extended up to 72 I/P, 64 O/P.
  • TE2H has built-in network function, and can be connected to PC for uploading or downloading CNC part programs.
  • Typical application: icon-based lathe, hole grinding machine, and cylindrical grinding machine.
  • This product is controlled by Strategic High-Tech Commodities (SHTC) regulations, for further information, please contact Sales Department of Intek Technology.


  • 2-axis single task open CNC controller for lathe
  • Standard lathe function
  • Built with M code decoder and M code operator
  • Built with I/O Routing Pool
  • Built-in FTP server
  • Position pulse command control
  • 2 axes positioning and linear interpolation, 2 axes circular interpolation
  • Rigid tapping


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